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2022 Illinois general Election



The ballot is stronger than the bullet.

-Abraham Lincoln

To nominate yourself as Abraham Lincoln National Union party candidate in the Illinois statehouse.

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    Land of Lincoln – ILLINOIS VOTER ACT of 2022

    is the legislative agenda that true democracy supportive candidates should and can promote in their 2022 campaign message. This unified campaign agenda will be voter electorate inspirational as a never-before means to validate their angry opinion of all things politics. And it’s pragmatic candidates that propose to thus empower voter’s ballots.

    “Our agenda is to achieve FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot “incumbent Recall ballot” legislation”

    President Lincoln’s 1864 Reelection

    Lincoln’s reelection in 1864 was significantly challenged by: Radical Republicans, No-Nothings, Whigs, Wide-Awakes, and Copperheads. After four years of war, his reelection as a Republican candidate was strongly confounded by the War Democrats. They fully supported Lincoln’s pursuit of defeating the Confederate rebellion, but could NOT bring themselves to vote ‘FOR’ any republican candidate.

    In May 1864 Lincoln changed the name of the Republican Party to ‘National Union party’ with that name appearing on voters’ ballots. Lincoln handily defeated the Democrat candidate General George McClellan (whom Commander in Chief Lincoln had earlier terminated from the Union Army).


    FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot’s passion – as was Lincoln’s: “A GREATER TASK”

    Voter Magnet’s objective philosophy is to engage voters with an exciting empowering ballot legislative goal.

    The boy herald image depicts NEW news… but is old news… WHY people don’t vote “because doesn’t matter”


    Washington, DC,
    December 15, 2020

    According to a new Medill School of Journalism/Ipsos/NPR poll focused on non-voters, people who did not vote in this election feel a general apathy or disconnect toward politics in Washington. This poll shows that, rather than perceived structural barriers or other concerns about voting (e.g., contracting COVID-19), the main reason non-voters do not engage in the process is because they don’t think it matters. Furthermore, differences in voting behavior also extend to wider social circles: non-voters are significantly less likely to say they have friends or family who vote regularly.

    Every General election is an incumbent RECALL ballot!

     A Voter Magnet to capture the many registered voters that are angry at Politics-as-Usual that deliberately refuse to vote believing this demonstrates their disgust of the derisive election rhetoric from corrupt political party machines will create a voter community of conversation grounded in enlightened civility that respects the dignity of each individual and cultivates a passion for truth and justice.

    History – 1869 National Union party

    The National Union Party was the name used by the Republican Party for the national ticket in the 1864 presidential election, held in the northern states during the Civil War.

    The National Union party name used to attract WAR DEMOCRATS who while greatly supporting President Lincoin defecting the Confederacy, yet as devout Democrates, they simply could not bring themselves to vote FOR any Republican.

    It nominated incumbent President Abraham Lincoln and former Democrat Andrew Johnson, who were elected in a landslide The National Union Party was created in May 1864 during the Civil War. A faction of anti-Lincoln Radical Republicans held the belief that Lincoln was incompetent, and therefore could not be re-elected. A number of Radical Republicans formed a party called the Radical Democracy Party, and a few hundred delegates convened in Cleveland starting on May 31, 1864, eventually nominating John C. Frémont, who had also been the Republicans’ first presidential standard-bearer during the 1856 U.S. presidential election.

    Illinois Still has
    War Democrats

    Frustrated with LEFT-WING Democrat incumbents yet unwilling to vote ‘‘FOR’’ any Republicans are searching for new rational alternate viable candidates.

    Our goal is to Inspire motivate
    new pragmatic candidates

    to collect voter signatures to achieve November 8th General Election ballot position. And align existing “moderate” GOP and DEM candidates (with having achieved Primary ballot position) with the opportunity to be included in the campaign strategy of FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot that every election is a “Recall Election” of the current incumbent.

    A never-before visionary, yet uncomplicated and logical “Voter Magnet” ballot format legislation.

    Explanation of FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot

    Provides weighted voting ‘for’ and also ‘against’ candidates. The voter’s ballot provides the option to designate their opinion of each of the candidates. First ‘of the incumbent candidate’, and then ‘each of the challenger candidates’.

    The voter ascribes to each of them ‘desirability’ on a scale of -10 [total disapproval] to +10 [whole hearted approval] AND their order of the voter’s relative preference (regardless of candidates desirability i.e. as “holding their nose” when voting ‘FOR’ least-worst candidate).

    Successful campaigns
    requires efforts!!

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    Your vote is your voice, Use it for a better future

    Vote, Vote, and vote for the nation’s growth

    Young or old, Every vote is more expensive than gold

    Forget the rest and vote for the best

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