A campaign website is included for our clients who are on monthly agreements – at no extra charge!

Have you chosen to run for office but don’t have a website and need to make an announcement soon? How about yesterday? Having a professional, full, and live website is a must-have first step before meeting with potential donors who will be searching for you online, and usually before they write you a check.

Make no mistake: your internet presence will be used to judge you.

We provide you with all of the resources you require to build a successful campaign website. In a matter of hours, Votermagnet can have a professional web presence online for you, and a comprehensive website in just a few days.

We don’t outsource your website to someone who can profit from it like some consultants do. We own and operate our own web hosting and email hosting business in the United States, and all work is completed and maintained in-house for greater control, reliability, ownership, security, and cost savings.

Using low-cost or no-cost web designers is a HUGE rookie mistake. Both voters and contributors will be aware, making candidates appear weak and underfunded. Do not fall victim to this! Even worse, huge organizations that provide low monthly charges and put their branding on your website attract hackers since they know how to get into those systems.

Hackers, attackers, and snoops are repelled by our websites, servers, and email system. When it comes to campaigning, this is vital. Nothing is more frustrating than publicizing a fundraiser only to direct people to a website that has been taken down by a hacker or a denial-of-service attack.

Your new campaign website will include the following:

Your Introduction Page
Issues / Concerns Page
Newsletter Signup Page / Widget
Donation Page (PayPal, etc)
Photo Gallery
Events Calendar
A Contact Page
A Volunteer Sign Up Page (optional)
Social Media Icons / Links
Endorsements Page (optional)
Sharing Widget
Business Web Hosting Service (Duration Vary)
Professional Email Service @yourname.com (Duration Vary)
SSL Certificate.

Contact us today to discuss your campaign project, the time is now.!!

Contact# (202) 558-7077 or Email: elect@votermag.net