FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot legislation that provides every election is a RECALL of incumbent politicians!

TERM LIMITS legislation, in every state that have tried, has been a failure to halt politician malfeasance.

In the General election of 1864, President Lincoln knew that he couldn’t achieve reelection as a Republican candidate

Critical to his reelection were the “war Democrats” who STRONGLY supported his defeating the Confederacy, yet they refused to vote ‘for’ any Republican candidate.

Baltimore convention – National Union: June 1864. The convention’s chairman, Rev. Robert J. Breckenridge of Kentucky, explained that he could support Lincoln on this new ticket because:

As a [National] Union party I will follow you to the ends of the earth, and to the gates of death. But as an Abolition party, as a Republican party, as a Whig party, as a Democratic party, as an American [Know-Nothing] party, I will not follow you one foot.

Now in the Illinois General election of 2022, driving incumbent politicians RECALL ballot legislation is the dynamic objective of reviving President Lincoln National Union party.

Many 2022 Illinois voters still refuse to vote ‘for’ any Republican candidate, President Lincoln National Union party candidates devoted to achieve FAILSAFE incumbent RECALL ballot legislation is the Illinois voters WAY powerful voter electorate option.

FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot is the incumbent RECALL WANT-TO-VOTE “JUST VOTE NO” ballot option.

Illinois election regulations provides November General election ballot access to independent and new political parties by collecting voter signatures petitions during Illinois Primary election and including during July 4th Independence celebration, to be delivered to Illinois Election Commission by July 11th.

Any/all frustrated political inspired voters can achieve their own November General election ballot access by simply collecting voter signatures on their voter signature petitions. Ideal potential candidates include 2024 political science college graduates searching for how to launch their career

President Lincoln National Union party is the opportunity to launch an explosion of new enlightened Illinois General Assembly candidates with a united coherent political platform to achieve election as new Illinois General Assembly members with the definitive objective to deliver to Illinois voters FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot legislation to result that the 2024 is a RECALL election of the U.S. Presidential campaign.

Illinois FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot would provided that in the 2024 President of the United States election, the incumbent President of the United States will be Pass or Fail, Thumbs UP or Thumbs DOWN [shall be] reelected for another four year term(?) or be relegated to a one-term administration.