Abraham Lincoln 1864 National Union Party


Abraham Lincoln 1864 National Union Party – REVIVE and RENEW –

political party designation is used when a candidate qualifies to run for office as an independent but desires a different label than independent, i.e. a new [newly proposed] political party, be printed next to their name on the ballot.

Illinois allows candidates to designate any label they choose. Political party designations that have not yet qualified as official political parties in Illinois are not entitled to participate in an Illinois Primary election.

Now in Illinois November 2022 General election, Abraham Lincoln National Union party designated U.S. Senator [and other state-wide] candidates, success in achieving 5% or more of the total Illinois state-wide vote will qualify the Abraham Lincoln National Union party to be authorized to participate in the 2024 Presidential Primary and General elections with candidates in all of Illinois political districts and subdivisions!


Voter Magnet’s objective philosophy is to empower voters with an exciting empowering ballot legislative goal.

The boy herald image depicts NEW news… but is old news… WHY people don’t vote “because doesn’t matter” FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot provides the voter empowerment that NOW VOTING DOES MATTER. VOTERS CAN KICK OUT THE INCUMBENT OUT OF THE “NEST”

Washington, DC,
December 15, 2020

According to a new Medill School of Journalism/Ipsos/NPR poll focused on non-voters, people who did not vote in this election feel a general apathy or disconnect toward politics in Washington. This poll shows that, rather than perceived structural barriers or other concerns about voting (e.g., contracting COVID-19), the main reason non-voters do not engage in the process is because they don’t think it matters. Furthermore, differences in voting behavior also extend to wider social circles: non-voters are significantly less likely to say they have friends or family who vote regularly.

Abraham Lincoln 1864 National Union Party

The National Union Party was the name used by the Republican Party for the national ticket in the 1864 presidential election, held in the northern states during the Civil War. State Republican parties did not usually change their name.

The temporary name was used to attract War Democrats who would not vote for the Republican Party. It nominated incumbent President Abraham Lincoln and former Democrat Andrew Johnson, who were elected in a landslide The National Union Party was created in May 1864 during the Civil War. A faction of anti-Lincoln Radical Republicans held the belief that Lincoln was incompetent, and therefore could not be re-elected. A number of Radical Republicans formed a party called the Radical Democracy Party, and a few hundred delegates convened in Cleveland starting on May 31, 1864, eventually nominating John C. Frémont, who had also been the Republicans’ first presidential standard-bearer during the 1856 U.S. presidential election.

Illinois Still has
War Democrats

Frustrated with LEFT-WING Democrat incumbents yet unwilling to vote ‘‘FOR’’ any Republican are searching for new rational alternate viable candidates.

Our goal is to Inspire motivate
new pragmatic candidates

to collect voter signatures to achieve November 8th General Election ballot position. And align existing “moderate” GOP and DEM candidates (with having achieved Primary ballot position) with the opportunity to be included in the campaign strategy of FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot that every election is a “Recall Election” of the current incumbent.

A never-before visionary, yet uncomplicated and logical “Voter Magnet” ballot format legislation.

Introduction & Explanation

The FAIL-SAFE Ballot empowers voters to exactly define and express their candidate’s choices. A never-before visionary, yet uncomplicated and logical “Voter Magnet” ballot format legislation.

Fail-safe ballots are usually kept separate from the other ballots until an election official can determine if the voter is eligible to vote. These ballots are sometimes called provisional ballots.


Illinois 2022 November General Election


1st step: indicate your overall opinion of Mr. Pritzker and press YES or NO if another term.
2nd step: indicate your opinion of each of the challenger candidates and vote in the order of your preference Candidates of minimal campaigns may not be recognized are a #5(?) candidate VOTER’s KNOWLEDGE and/or APPROVAL DOES NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT.


Incumbent Governor – J. P. Pritzker

Voters Scale Your
Overall Approval

  • -10
  • 0

  • +10
Ten Confirmed Challenger
Candidates multi political
Scale Your Knowledge
& Approval
Scale Your Preference 1 to 10
(only one on #5 is ? unknown person)
  • Darrel Bailey
-10 +10


  • Richard Irvin
-10 +10


  • Gary Rabine
-10 +10


  • Paul Schimpf
-10 +10


  • Max Solomon
-10 +10


  • Jesse Sullivan
-10 +10


Voter opinion example results for three candidates profiles

Well know & was the popular incumbent lost passion for the people, now time for voters to find new leaders.

Unknown candidate with potential leadership on June 1st is discovered to have undesirable questionable murky political influence past.

Long known yet "undiscovered" until April when identified by pragmatic voters to have a "voters ballot empowerment legislation" campaign.