Votermagnet offers Illinois General Assembly FAILSAFE-RECALL ballot legislation supporting candidates with attractive contract packages to achieve news-media-attraction-capturing services that propel winning your election campaign.

Most so-called “consultants” don’t actually undertake the labor required to run a campaign; instead, they advise. Votermagnet doesn’t work like that!


What does it mean for your campaign to have FULL-SERVICE campaign services?

We start by setting up your campaign, determining the sort of campaign, and then preparing for the announcement.

We will purchase a domain name for your campaign. Your campaign website and email service are created, managed, and hosted by us.

Your email newsletter service and lists are managed by us.

We set up your donation account (PayPal, for example) so that your treasurer may manage it.

We deliver a high-resolution, high-quality campaign logo.

We set up and handle your campaign’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on) on a weekly basis.

We manage the campaign calendar and scheduling.

We manage your social media advertising (advertising fees are additional).

We provide the strategy for the campaign.

Contact us today to discuss your campaign management project, the right time is now.!!

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