Registered 2024 presidential candidates

The following table lists candidates who filed with the FEC to run for president. Some applicants used pseudonyms; candidate names and party affiliations are written as they appeared on the FEC website on the date that they initially filed with the FEC.

This list was last updated on March 14, 2022


Candidates who have filed for the 2024 presidential election
Candidate Party
Aaron Avouris Libertarian Party
Aaron Grotta Nonpartisan
Aaron Taylor Nonpartisan
Adam Michael Dunn Republican Party
Adam Ouariti Democratic Party
Ahmad Saide Nonpartisan
Ajay Thaliath Democratic Party
Alander Pulliam American Independent Conservative Party
Alexander David Hooper Nonpartisan
Alexander Joseph Sean Heidenreich Independent
Alix Christopher Toulme Nonpartisan
Amber Byers Independent
Andre Nero Libertarian Party
Andrew Chung Independent
Andrew Kantor Independent
Andrew Townsend Independent
Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser Republican Party
Angela Redovian Republican Party
Ann Pippin U.S. Taxpayers Party
Ann Yeager Nonpartisan
Antonio Gagnon Libertarian Party
Antony Handal Unaffiliated
Arse Vincent Cysewski Democratic Party
Arthur Van Houten Nonpartisan
Ashaki Noni Nichols Independent
Ashley Powell Democratic Party
Barbara Stone People’s Party
Beau Lindsey Libertarian Party
Benjamin Garcia Democratic Party
Brandon Gonce Republican Party
Brian Cox Independent
Brittany A. Mckown Democratic Party
Bruce John Kenneway Nonpartisan
Byron K. Ross Republican Party
Caleb McKean Nonpartisan
Casey Hardison Other
Chad Knight Independent
Chad Lottenville Nonpartisan
Chance Trahan Nonpartisan
Cherunda Lynn Fox Republican Party
Chez Mann Nonpartisan
Christian Chandler Republican Party
Christopher Campbell Democratic Party
Christopher Florquist Unaffiliated
Christopher Gillen American Independent Party
Christopher Johnson Independent
Christopher Lee Dias Independent
Christopher Pettenaro Republican Party
Christopher Tillis Republican Party
Clifford Griffin Independent
Cody Hoover Republican Party
Colton Hawk Independent
Craig Paxson Nonpartisan
Dale Webb Republican Party
Daniel Clark Independent
Daniel Isler Independent
Daniel Louis Levine Nonpartisan
Dan Knight Other
David Bardol Nonpartisan
David Bounds Independent
David Cash Democratic Party
David Emerson Republican Party
David Gibson American Independent Conservative Party
David Klotzbuecher Independent
David Murdock Peace and Freedom Party
David Raphael Herz Republican Party
David Reed DeSilva Libertarian Party
David Terpening Republican Party
David Tuxhorn Nonpartisan
DC Jefferson Democratic Party
Dennis Diaz Independent
Dennis Torii Jr. Independent
Dennis Vandusen-Torres Nonpartisan
Deonna Dieter Republican Party
Derek Chowen Republican Party
Desmond Moore Republican Party
Diana Chika Independent
Donald Faulknor Jr. Republican Party
Donald Frayer Republican Party
Dustin James Mahurin Independent
Dylan Valenti Nonpartisan
Eliud Resendez Other
Eric Bolin Nonpartisan
Ernest Deering Nonpartisan
Felipe Rios Republican Party
Franklin Deleno Rutherford III Nonpartisan
Franz Von Hofler Republican Party
Gary Lambert Jr. Nonpartisan
Gavin Bonney Independent
George Brucato Democratic Party
George Wilson American Independent Party
Glenn Scott Allistair Simpson Independent
Glynndeavin von Fox Independent
Gott Lally Independent
Gregory Litzenberg Independent
Greg Walton Republican Party
Halloran Leonard Yeah Nonpartisan
Harold Demby Independence Party
Harrison Reinbeck Republican Party
Harvey Brown Nonpartisan
Heather Munoz Democratic Party
Herbert Ezekiel Zeke Smyth Democratic Party
Howie Hawkins Other
Ian Netupsky Independent
Irina D’Amato Independent
Isaiah Reid Democratic Party
Islam Karam Mossaad Republican Party
Jackie Tate Green Party
Jackson Stewart Peace and Freedom Party
Jacob Matthew Parker Independent
Jacob Meiers Republican Party
Jaha Hughes Nonpartisan
James Altucher Nonpartisan
James Bills Independent
James Martinez Nonpartisan
James Meroney Republican Party
James Nixon Democratic Party
James Orlando Ogle III Democratic Party
James Paris Firmani Republican Party
James Peterson Republican Party
Jasen Lemar Edwards Nonpartisan
Jasmine Sherman Nonpartisan
Jason Hershey Nonpartisan
Jay P. Pridmore Republican Party
Jease Gladden Concerned Citizens Party of Connecticut
Jeff Paul Unaffiliated
Jeffrey Magner Nonpartisan
Jeffrey Wiebens Republican Party
Jennifer Gillis Nonpartisan
Jennifer Lee Ann Ney Democratic Party
Jeremiah Newman Republican Party
Jeremy Kinman Republican Party
Jerry Leon Carroll Nonpartisan
Jesse Dwight Gladden Nonpartisan
Jessica Brown Republican Party
Jesus Torres Republican Party
Johnathan Merkwan Communist Party
John Brubaker Independent
John Castro Republican Party
John Daly American Independent Party
John Gagliardi Democratic Party
John Gwin Jr. Independent
John Keehner Independent
John McGlover Independent
John Philip Lograsso Nonpartisan
John Schiess Republican Party
Jojo Camp Independent
Jonathan Fitzpatrick Independent
Jonathan Rosen Republican Party
Joseph Martin Unaffiliated
Joshua David Usera Other
Juan Rullan Nonpartisan
Judah Wilson Unaffiliated
Justin Edward Hamilton Independent
Justin Thompson Republican Party
Katie Roedersheimer D.C. Statehood Green Party
Kelan Farrell-Smith Democratic Party
Kelvin Brewton Independent
Kelvin Gerad Davis Independent
Kevin Eugene St John Republican Party
Kevin Tucker Libertarian Party
Kevin West Independent
Khistina Dejean Independent
Kristie Shaver Nonpartisan
Kurios I Independent
Kyle Kenley Kopitke Independent
Kyle Kennedy Republican Party
Lance Brookins Unaffiliated
La’Rasha Washington Independent
Larry Vanpool Nonpartisan
Lars Mapstead Libertarian Party
Lee Mercer Jr. Democratic Party
Lee Rhodes Democratic Party
Liam Sutman Republican Party
Lisa Miel Matejka Independent
Loreal Richey Nonpartisan
Marc Rosenkrans People Over Politics Party
Martin Blake Independent
Marty Moss Republican Party
Mary Tadeshe Independent Conservative Democratic Party
Mason Vicent Cysewski Green Party
Mathew Lee Tyler Independent
Matt Guilland Unaffiliated
Matthew Coe Buchanan Nonpartisan
Matthew Dolan Independent
Matthew D. Pinnavaia Nonpartisan
Matthew Harding Independent
Maximillian Hill Independence Party
Megan Schroeder Democratic Party
Melissa Milhorn Independent
Melon Keller Communist Party
Michael Anderson Nonpartisan
Michael Banks Veterans Party of America Party
Michael Bannon Republican Party
Michael Bickelmeyer Republican Party
Michael Busa Unaffiliated
Michael Clark American Independent Conservative Party
Michael Curtis Republican Party
Michael David Anthony Independent
Michael D’Ottavio Democratic Party
Michael D. Swing Democratic Party
Michael Floyd Other
Michael Gaul Conservative Party
Michael Jeffrey Ruoho Republican Party
Michael Jenkins Nonpartisan
Mike Ledbetter Nonpartisan
Mike Martisko Other
Mike ter Maat Libertarian Party
Mikey Lane Democratic Party
Mitchell Ebata Nonpartisan
Mohammad Kabir Other
Mykal Anstrom Independent
Naresh Vissa Freedom Party
Nicholas Biller Nonpartisan
Nicholas Gray Nonpartisan
Nicholas Lance Independent
Nicholas Mantanona Other
Nicholas Parham Independent
Nikolette Hastings Independent
Paij Boring Republican Party
Pamela M. Pinkney Butts Other
Patrick Beck Nonpartisan
Patrick Chapman Nonpartisan
Paul Manion Independent
Peter Quaglia Nonpartisan
Peter Sharma Nonpartisan
Phillip Drake Independent
Phillip Emerson Independent
President Boddie Independent
Princess Khadijah M. Pres Jacob-Fambro Independent
Ralph Tingle Resource Party
Ramon Navarro Nonpartisan
Ramon William Tripp Nonpartisan
Randy Gerber Republican Party
Randy Toler Green Party
Raoul Kennedy Nonpartisan
Raymond Bailey Democratic Party
Raymond Lynn Stahle Nonpartisan
Reece Wright-McDonald Republican Party
Richard Curtiss Republican Party
Rico Cortez Dukes American Independent Party
Riki Prado Democratic Party
Robert Allen Weeks Jr. New Alliance Party
Robert Bonner Republican Party
Robert Chapman Nonpartisan
Robert Cooke IV Green Party
Robert Humphrey Independent
Robert Ion Moldafsky Democratic Party
Robin Mitchell Independent
Rodger Lee Roose Democratic Party
Roland Kwadwo Dela Agorkle Democratic Party
Russell DeLeon Libertarian Party
Ryan Kocak Nonpartisan
Ryan Stephen Ehrenreich Republican Party
Sahmon Mustafa Democratic Party
Sam Dependahl Unaffiliated
Sammy Garret Independent
Samuel B. Hoff Independent
Samuel D’Amico Democratic Party
Samuel Lyndell Powell Independent
Scott Earnest Saunders American Independent Conservative Party
Sean McGuire Democratic Party
Seth Stewart Democratic Party
Sexy Vegan Nonpartisan
Seymour Art Lee Libertarian Party
Shaun Savage Republican Party
Shawn Asberry Republican Party
Shiloh Shiloh American Independent Party
Shinae Ahn Democratic Party
Shmuel Goldstein Republican Party
Sorinne Ardeleanu Independent
Stefan Lowe Republican Party
Stephen Alan Leon Democratic Party
Stephen Bradley Comley Sr. Republican Party
Stephen Glass Republican Party
Steven Fleck Democratic Party
Steven Kross Republican Party
Susan Resch Republican Party
Talalupe Fonzie Vavao Republican Party
Tamerlane Bey Independence Party
Tara Frost Nonpartisan
Taylor Sullivan Unaffiliated
Temperance Lance-Council Nonpartisan
Terrance Abraham Independent
Tevin Handford Liberal Party
Thomas Daly Democratic Party
Thomas Francis Winterbottom Democratic Party
Thomas Sheppard Republican Party
Tina Hahn Republican Party
Tina Rose Independent
TJ Elgin Independent
Toby Martini Independent
Trenita Walker Democratic Party
Tyrone Jamison Republican Party
Valerie Coleman Republican Party
Vanderelmo James Acevedo Diaz Nonpartisan
Vincent Cordova Independent
Vincent Wallace American Independent Conservative Party
Wenona Gardner Independent
Whitney Medearis Democratic Party
William Cody Nalbach Nonpartisan
William Farms Independent
William Gailey Democratic Party
William Lambert Nonpartisan
Willie Carter Democratic Party
Willita Bush-Boyd Independent